Supporting Local Aviation Safety with GASCo

27th July 2020

The General Aviation Safety Council (GASCo) was founded in 1964 to provide a forum in which all of the General Aviation organisations could meet to share safety information. At Cambridge City Airport, we value our own safety procedures with the upmost importance, meaning our tenants and customers are able to provide the best service and receive the best experiences possible. As a result, we would like to share our knowledge and help with promoting awareness and skills with you

The definition of “general aviation” includes all UK civil flying other than operations by scheduled airlines and test, development and experimental flying. In other words, it consists of all private and business aviation, flying and gliding club and group activity, and commercial operations by small aircraft such as air taxi, agricultural work and flying training. All of these we support at Cambridge City Airport. There are approximately 14,000 powered aircraft of various kinds in UK general aviation, including microlight aircraft and helicopters, 1,600 balloons, over 2,000 sailplanes and approximately 4,500 hang-gliders. In addition there are 4,500 regular parachutists.

GASCo have been running Safety Evenings throughout the last few years, designed to provide an opportunity to reflect on General Aviation safety as it affects you and the people you fly with. Obviously, with COVID-19, many of these evenings have been cancelled and this may have caused an unintended decrease in skill and forgotten information. Given the trend analysis, we are coming into the season where we see an increase of airspace infringements. We want to try educate instead of punishing pilots and therefore endorse these evenings by trying to get as many aviators in the area as possible by attending these.

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We are happy to say that the next GASCo safety evening will be taking place at Cambridge Aeroclub, a world renowned flying school that has been training pilots for over 90 years. If relevant to you, please ensure you get in touch and attend the evening.

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