Corporate Responsibility

Cambridge Airport recognises that corporate responsibility and sustainability is an integral part of being a successful business and its care for the environment is a critical part of this responsibility. Consequently, the management and personnel of Cambridge Airport are committed to the principles of corporate sustainability and the environmental stewardship of the company, as outlined in our Environmental Policy.

Our Commitment

Given the commitment and importance that Cambridge Airport places on the environment, a number of initiatives and steering groups are in place to manage and mitigate the environmental impact of the business. The company also continues to monitor and evaluate its activities in relation to the environment with the ultimate goal of the reduction of each Environmental impact.

In 2016 the Airport invested heavily in a £2.2 million project to reduce the impact of De-icer product entering the water systems, this consisted of installing two water attenuation ponds with aerators to reduce the chemical properties and improve the water quality.

Noise Mitigation

The airport actively manages a Noise Action to identify and mitigate noise impact wherever possible. This action plan is designed to demonstrate how Cambridge Airport is dedicated to take note of the concerns and suggestions from local stakeholders and, where possible, implement changes to our daily operation to ensure a management of noise issues to control and minimise the adverse effects our operations have on the local community.

Minimising Pollution

The organisation has a dedicated environmental team to actively monitor environmental aspects and impacts to maintain regulatory and legislative compliance and minimising pollution by:

  • Controlling emissions to land and water
  • Managing waste to maximise recycling
  • Improving the awareness of environmental best practice
  • Working within the framework of ISO14001:2015
  • Having in place emergency procedures established to respond to and mitigate foreseeable environmental incidents
  • Maintaining good communication with the company´s many stakeholders