The ultimate airfield sweeper

As airport operators ourselves we know better than most the risk that foreign object debris poses to keeping aircraft and passengers safe and that is why we rely on FOD*Boss Day in day out to keep our runways clear of hazards.

FOD*Boss is the world’s safest and most-effective airfield sweeper, protecting every major Air Force, Airport and Airline since 1994.

We are proud to be the exclusive UK distributor for, what its manufacturer Aerosweep justifiably claim to be, ‘the ultimate airfield sweeper.’

Increased sweep efficiency

Backed by an unconditional lifetime guarantee, the FOD*Boss is sold all over the world and chosen for its high collection capabilities, speed, efficiency, and ability to operate in wet and dry conditions.

The design of FOD*Boss is proven to pick up all foreign object debris (FOD) it passes over reliably and efficiently.

It is fully equipped with our exclusive and unique critical safety features that are the secret behind its unbeatable performance and essential to your successful FOD removal operations.

Duplex and Triplex

By implementing a Duplex or Triplex system into your FOD sweeping programmes, you can capture the time saving possible, without sacrificing effectiveness, nor flexibility.

Sweep width Coverage (per hour)
FOD*Boss 2.44m 253,760m2
Duplex 4.88m 507,520m2
Triplex 7.3m 759,200m2

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