Airport to help land a new world record

6th July 2020

On Tuesday 7th July 2020, Fiona and Angus Macaskill attempted a new World Record for “Most Airfields Visited in 12 hours by a Fixed Wing Aircraft”. They touched down at Cambridge Airport at approximately 14:40, before flying straight off. Blink and you would have missed them. Incredibly, they managed to visit 71 airfields over those 12 hours, which averaged one airfield every 9 minutes! They had two cameras running the whole time from inside the aircraft to coincide with witness statements from those who saw them land and take off from each airfield. Once this evidence has been passed on to the adjudicators, they will be awarded the world record!

Cambridge City Airport is supporting a veteran pilot in her attempt to set a new take off and landing world record.

The airport is letting Fiona Macaskill and her navigator husband, Angus, touch down on the runway and immediately take off again in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for ‘Most airfields visited in 12 hours by a fixed-wing aircraft’.

The pair, in their 60s, aim to land at more than 60 Airfields between Birmingham and East Anglia between 7am and 7pm on Tuesday (7 July) and hope to visit Cambridge at number 52, at about 2.05pm.

“We’re delighted to support this new world record attempt and help Fiona raise money for charity at the same time,” said Airport Director, Kevan Craske.

“She’ll be approaching us from Newmarket Heath, and land and take off immediately in the same direction so she doesn’t need to backtrack and lose valuable time.”

Fiona is using this record attempt to raise money for Air Ambulance Services.

The airport has waived its landing fees, which will be donated to the charity.

It’s the first time this record has been attempted and if she makes it she plans to carry on and try to break the existing 24 hour record.