Cambridge City Airport Supporting International Civil Aviation Day

7th December 2021

International Civil Aviation Day has been celebrated on 7 December for the last 25 years, recognising aviation’s vital role in boosting global social and economic development, connecting the world and bringing untold new and exciting opportunities to millions of people.

We all know that this has been perhaps the most challenging period in the history of aviation. The pandemic has seen extraordinary declines in customers and air traffic alongside the loss of many highly skilled and important jobs.

However, some of the early pieces needed to enable a successful recovery are starting to fall into place. Those pieces have been accelerated by the teams of people that work within the industry and have shown dedication and commitment throughout.

Cambridge City Airport Director, Kevan Craske said:

“I am immensely proud to work amongst a team of aviation professionals whose passion and commitment for an industry they all absolutely love shines through every single day. 

“Throughout the entirety of the pandemic, the Cambridge City Airport team has remained resilient and showed tremendous adaptability as a team with no little amount of self-sacrifice to recover operations when restrictions began to ease. It is that fortitude and passion for aviation amongst a truly extraordinary team that just gets under your skin and makes it a pleasure to come to work every single day.

“The Airport covers a variety of skills and expertise which range from a VIP Jet Centre FBO, providing the highest levels of customer service, a professional Rescue and Fire Fighting Service that is multi-skilled and multi-rolled to support wider airport activities and are always there on standby in case of an incident, a multi-rolled Fuel Operatives team ensuring our customers’ requirements are met at the drop of a hat. Also our air traffic control services including Controllers, Assistants and Engineers who manage the safe flow of the airspace around Cambridge and finally the Airport Operations team who coordinate pretty much everything on the ground.

“The civil aviation world offers such great opportunities for careers across the globe, but the passion of all who work in this industry coupled with innovation is what will see its recovery and advancement well into the future.  So on this day of celebrating international civil aviation I want to say a big thank you to my team and also reach out to everyone within our industry and say well done, keep going.”