General Aviation

Cambridge City Airport is a local hub for aviation enthusiasts from across the region and we are proud to be home to a number of well-established flying clubs and training providers.

Our Airport is the perfect place for touch-and-go landings where trainee pilots can practice their approach on our 1965 metre runway with a low level of air traffic movements.

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Flight Training

Our 1965 metre runway and low level of air traffic movements make Cambridge City Airport the perfect place to practice touch-and-go landings.

This is a valuable tool allowing trainee pilots to practice the many elements of flying a good approach without incurring the time and expense of taxiing back for every repetition. Making the landing itself, a touch-and-go allows many more repetitions of the approach and landing procedures per hour flown.

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Based Customer Discounts

  • Reduced Landing Fees for Training Flights

    Landing fees for training flights shall be charged at 50% of full price.
  • Special Touch and Go Rates

    Touch and go’s will be charged at 25% of the full price.
  • Ask for All Day Discount Rates

    All day training rates available from Airport Business Development Manager.

Flying Clubs

Between them our clubs boast a host of different aircraft types but the one thing they all have in common is their knowledgeable and enthusiastic teams who go out of their way to make you at home whether you are a regular visitor or just enjoying a one-off flight experience.

Cambridge Aero Club

Offering hands on flying experiences while you learn from some of the most experienced pilots in the business.

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Mid-Anglian School of Flying

No matter what your current experience is, MASF help you achieve your flying goals while keeping training affordable.

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Flying Lessons

Over the years we have seen hundreds of pilots ‘earn their stripes’ here at Cambridge City Airport.

It does not matter if you are looking to prepare for a career as a commercial airline pilot or just want to learn to fly for fun, we provide a one-stop-shop for classroom and practical training.

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Cambridge Aero Club

Our Cambridge Aero Club have been training pilots and offering pleasure flights for 90 years and is one of just a handful of UK flying schools awarded with Approved Training Organisation (ATO) status by the CAA.

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VA Airline Training

Headquartered at Cambridge City Airport, VA Airline Training offers a full suite of training for anyone interested in a full-time career in the cockpit. It is an industry leading programme and state of the art simulators help hundreds of careers take flight, arming graduates with an ‘airline ready’ qualification.

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Mid-Anglia School of Flying

It’s also worth checking out the Mid-Anglia School of Flying who offer a range of lessons and experiences.

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