Generating a safer environment for customers at Cambridge City Airport

Generating a safer environment for customers at Cambridge City Airport

An intense Aircraft Accident Scenario and training programme took place at Cambridge City Airport recently, which focused on the safe and effective use of a `new` positive pressure ventilation (PPV) generator. The provision and training on this piece of equipment provides customers with the peace of mind that they’ll be safer at Marshall.

The exercise has enabled Cambridge City Airport based Fire Crews to lead the way and craft survivable conditions within an aircraft, compartment, or building to save the lives of trapped people.

PPV operations drastically improve the conditions and safety of fire crews, which in turn allows them to create a survivable atmosphere for any casualties by removing heat and smoke from the structure and replacing this with a supply of fresher air.

“The use of PPV’s will better equip us to respond in critical situations, although they need to be governed carefully. If used incorrectly, serious fire development can occur and is why the training in the use of the PPV’s was so important both for our own fire crews and that of the local authority fire services.” explains Fire Station Manager, Clive Keenan.

“Special thanks must go to our Airport Operations and Air Traffic Control for enabling us to conduct the safety critical training alongside the Aircraft Accident Scenario. The Cambridge Fire and Rescue Service were also integral, as they provided valuable assistance in the training of our airport fire crews in the safe use of the PPVs.

A Positive Pressure Ventilator (PPV) is now carried on a Cambridge Airport Fire Service and is available for immediate deployment at Marshall.