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Airport Safeguarding

Airport Safeguarding is the process designed to make sure all appropriate processes are followed which ensure development in the vicinity of airports that could have an impact upon the continuity of safe operations is in accordance with current aeronautical legislation. Its purpose is to ensure that the continuity of safe operations is unaffected.

The Process

  • Cranes – Within 6km – At least 4 weeks notice required, 8 weeks recommended prior to crane operation

Note: if this timescale is not met there may be a delay in issuing the permit due to the required response from regulatory bodies.

  • Buildings – As part of Local Planning Application but early consultation is advised
  • Wind Turbines Within 30km – As part of Local Planning Application but early consultation is advised

Where in a proposed development the height of a building or structure would exceed the level indicated on the safeguarding map for that area the local planning authority is required to consult the Airport. Consultation is also required in any case within a 13 km zone marked on the map where the proposed development is for other aviation uses or is likely to attract birds and to wind farm developments within a 30 km radius.

Consultation applies not only to applications for full or outline planning permission but also to applications for the amendment of an outline planning permission, for the renewal of a planning permission or for the removal or modification of conditions imposed on a previous planning permission. In addition, there are restrictions on the use of cranes and other tall plant within 6km of the airport.

When consulted the Airport considers whether the proposed development might compromise the safe operation of the aerodrome or interfere with the navigational aids or Instrument Flight Procedures (IFP) and offers its comments accordingly. If then the local planning authority proposes to grant planning permission contrary to an objection made by the Airport or not to attach conditions which they have recommended, it is required to notify Cambridge Airport and we will notify the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and MOD.

Consultation Fees

Public Safety Zones

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For guidance on the safety rules that apply when flying unmanned and model aircraft, please visit the CAA website.

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